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Senior Pictures

At MyPic Photography we have complete indoor and outdoor sets. Specifically set up for senior portrait photography.

 We are a high school approved and recommend year book photographer.  The indoor studio has backdrops for the yearbook and many other fun and unique photo sets.

 Our lakeside studio with props is what sets us apart from the rest.

 Or we can meet you at your high school and/or location or your choice.

  Most seniors and their parents choose from one of the four following packages.

 No Sitting Fees

 BASIC: Three poses, 2 8x10's, 2 5x7's, and 48 wallets only $250 

 **Most Popular** SUPREME: Five poses, 2 8x10's 4 5x7's, 64 wallets, and a CD only $399 

 *Parents Favorite* MASTERS: Eight poses, 1 11x14, 2 8x10's, 5 5x7's, 72 wallets, Senior Album with 8 4x6 prints, and a CD only $550

$99 Senior Album with 8 prints

$99 CD of all photos

Gift Prints and Wall Portraits

 Gift Sizes

4 Wallets                 $5

4x6                          $5

5x7                            $10

8x10                           $15

  Wall Portrait Sizes

All prints 11x14 and larger are on fine art satin photographic paper and are mounted on 2mm foam board for durability and come with a life time warranty

 11x14                  $49

16x20                   $99

16x24*                  $99

15x30 Pano*            $149

20x30                      $139

24x36                      $189

 (Custom sizes available upon request)

Frame for prints average $100-$200

 Canvas, Acrylic & Metal (Fine Art Printing)

 16x24*                       $199

20x20                         $199

15x30 Pano*               $199

20x30                         $256

30x30                         $376

24x36                         $376

 Fine Art and Print Packages

 Black Label Print Collection 

           $699  ($799 value) 

  • 10 Additional Pages to Album
  • 15x30 Acrylic
  • 16x24 Framed Wall Portrait
  • 10 Gift Prints
  • Facebook Posting


Platinum Print Collection

            $299  ($368 value)

  • 15x30 Acrylic
  • 16x24 Wall Portrait
  • 7 Gift Prints
  • Facebook Posting

 16x24 wall portrait is printed on fine art satin photographic paper and are mounted on 2mm foam board for durability

 Basic editing included.

 Tax not included in package prices

 No additional charge for: Black & Whites, Sepia Tone, or Touch of Color


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